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Robert managed the whole process in finding a suitable tenant for our condo in Manhattan. We live overseas so it would be very difficult on our own and the Super at our complex recommended Robert. He explained that Robert knows the process which includes lots of special details and must be submitted in exactly the right way for the homeowners association to be able to approve. The process costs both parties some fees which are non-refundable if the prospective tenant does not qualify so it was extremely important to us that we find the right fit both for our Homeowners Association requirements and our own particular needs. We have a nice condo with furniture and artwork chosen for ourselves, not a tenant, so we wanted someone who would take care of our things. Robert set up a nice link and did all the personal and financial vetting before recommending someone. We were pleased with his expertise, commitment and the end result. After it was all decided and approved, he has not let us down and has handled any issues which come up. We are very grateful for that.

Bonnie Larson

I purchased a co-op unit in April 2014 and Robert liaised between the previous owner who was located overseas and myself. He has extensive knowledge of the building and area and was very helpful throughout the process.

Bonnie Cho

Robert is a great agent. He does very good job following up. He doesn't waste my time, always arranges several showing together for me. He also is very knowledgeable about NYC real estate, always provide me with good advice and suggestions.

Barry Li

Robert knew the local real estate environment and was very honest and skillful in getting us a record price for our apt line in the building. He did not complain when we accepted the offer of a buyer from another broker rather than a buyer he brought to us (i.e. he got less commission). Robert is easy to work with. My husband and I highly recommend him.

Dean Holdge

Robert helped facilitate the purchase of my current apartment and the also the sale of my previous one. His knowledge of the building and process really helped make the process smooth- he took a lot of the work out of it for me. The facts that I have already recommended him to others and that I am a repeat customer should tell you all you need to know.

Scott Tooter

No nonsense, results guy. Sold our apartment from initial listing to closing in approximately 4 months and were very happy with our final price. Very smooth process and Robert gave great advice throughout the way.

He presents all options and moves quickly, creating an impressive presentation of the property with great photographs. Tremendous follow-through and I always felt like a huge priority. Robert is on a mission to sell your home and he gets results. He found a great couple that were thrilled to purchase our home and it was a win-win-win for all.

I would definitely recommend him...and HAVE.

Brent Nemetz

I've been working exclusively with Robert Rosa for many years. He is professional, honest and on top of the market. He has always been thorough in vetting prospective buyers in advance so to avoid any lost time with unqualified buyers. Robert continues to offer effective marketing strategies for current market conditions that result in timely sale/rental of my unit.

Cathy Holmes

Robert sold my NYC apt in August 2013. His years of knowledge in the industry were evident from the beginning. His understands the NYC market extremely well and made it as easy as it could have been for me to sell my apt. Once I hired him, he took over and handled everything. He adeptly dealt with my board and management company and filed all the necessary paperwork very promptly. I can honestly say his interest is definitely in getting the best for his client. His sale price suggestion was accurate and when I was getting anxious to sell it and wanted to drop my price prematurely, he talked me into waiting a little longer, fortunately, and managed to get me 2 offers shortly after that without dropping the price. He always kept me up to date on the progress of my apt via text and email since that was my preference. He suggested a lawyer who I was very happy with as well. What could have been difficult was a a very quick and smooth process for me. I would absolutely recommend Robert for real estate needs in NYC.

Pete Rodgers

Robert was very helping in me purchasing my dream apartment! He did a great job with making the deal happen! Robert was very responsive to inquiries regarding the apartment, showed the unit to me and my family several times, and was helpful with negotiations.

Megan Hattfield

Robert has helped me for the past 7+ years with various real estate transactions in Manhattan. Not only is his knowledge extensive, deep and insightful, his professionalism and customer-sensitive service sets him apart. He impresses me, as he always places his clients' interest first, and he goes above and beyond the call of duty. You can count on Robert. I strongly recommend him.

Hiroko Tezuka



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